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Wake Up to Monkey Bar’s Glory

Does it happen to you often, that when you love something so much you want to hide it from everyone else, the same is what happened to Monkey Bar breakfast for me. When MoBar (that is what we are gonna call it in this post) opened a year ago, I used to frequent it once a week, if I had to meet anyone I would jump and say MoBar and then soon enough people discovered it, more and more people started visiting it and as it stands currently it is impossible to get a table there on a weekend and it pains me that I can’t go there as often as I should so when MoBar started breakfast, I did a happy dance just like the monkey would have done. It’s my time to go back to MoBar again on a regular basis plus Bangalore doesn’t really have lots of good breakfast places and certainly doesn’t have any place which serves Pandi Curry and Bloody Mary for breakfast. So I sat on this review for very long so that I hide it from people and keep going back to it. But like they say good things gotta be shared, so here I am talking about Waking Up to Monkey Bar’s Glory : The Monkey Bar Breakfast


So I walked into Monkey Bar one happy Sunday morning with the child in tow (yes they allow kids for breakfast and that is another reason I welcomed their breakfast so happily) and was surprised to see my MoBar in a view I have never seen before, there were no people standing around and waiting for you to get up and go, though it was fairly packed for a place which started breakfast two weeks ago, I even noticed pretty flowers on the windowsill which I had never till now.

The menu is designed in the typical MoBar funky way, they even call the breakfast ” Breakfirst at Monkey Bar”. The table had lovely jars of the marmalade and preserve, if left to me I could have had the jar of marmalade for breakfast next to my favorite manga (but people you have to appreciate my control, I didn’t order it)


We started with ordering the Eggs Benedict and Pandi Curry and Pita for the man and myself respectively, the child ordered fish and chips and we happily gave in. The Pandi Curry and the pita transported me into what I call as “pork heaven” and that too early in the morning. It can only be good right?


The child polished off the fish and chips and in the morning it is a HUGE deal considering I spend one hour each morning feeding one egg to the child and he carried the monkey card in his hand for two days


The Eggs Benedict that the man ordered had me wanting to swap my pandi curry with him but then I looked at the pandi curry, thought of pork and said “whatever” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t taste it. I did and I loved it, the Hollandaise though a little thick was bang on in the flavour department. I might have ordered it if I hadn’t tasted 20 Eggs Benedict in a said cooking competition,Ruth you remember? 


I firmly believe in the fact that a continental breakfast is not a breakfast without hashbrowns and hence we went ahead and ordered one and no you are not allowed to call us gluttons, not yet anyways


We ordered something to drink along with our food and again it came in nice funky presentation, the tender coconut served right out of the shell and orange juice served in a bottle which reminded me that I had skipped my workout that morning


And now what I am gonna say is when you are allowed to call us “gluttons” after having all of the the above, we went ahead and ordered a Red Velvet Waffle, yes you heard it I said a Red Velvet Waffle, I am a Red Velvet fan and the pictures of the Red Velvet that were doing rounds had me dreaming of it already. So yes we ordered it, it was served with cream cheese and praline and oh the praline was to die for, the cream cheese was great, the waffle however was a tad of a disappointment not because it was not a good waffle. It was a great waffle, it was just not a RED VELVET waffle for me, I needed a bit more chocolate but its something I can ignore considering how good a time I had


And as it would have been appropriate we ended the meal with a good French press coffee and we left MoBar a very happy soul that morning and have come back to it many times



14/1, Wood Street,
Richmond Road,
Ph: 080 41116878
Cost: Rs.1200/- plus taxes for brekkie with some alcohol
Timing: Sat and Sun, 9am – 12 noon.
Parking: The Biggest Pain

7 comments on “Wake Up to Monkey Bar’s Glory

  1. Santulan
    July 11, 2013

    The eggs look so wonderful.

  2. Ruth DSouza
    July 11, 2013

    Boy do I remember those 20 eggs benedict… sad part about that was not one of them were a patch on the Mobar Eggs Benedict! Hey… we should all do the Mobar breakfast together once.. close to 10.30AM when the alcohol starts 😉

  3. pinksocks
    July 12, 2013

    Uff uff those eggs benedict were fabulous. 🙂

  4. Anirudh Gargi
    July 13, 2013

    Over Priced ?

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