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A new milestone in Food Entertainment : Living Foodz

Last week my son was asked to write three things that his mother loves in a writing class and he mentioned – food, travel and reading. He does know me well after all. Among the other things that give me happiness, combining food and travel is probably tops the list. Its all almost goosebumpy how I feel about exploring local food culture when I am traveling, whether it is domestic or international. I have gone to great lengths and even made random friends with local folks (sometimes much to the embarrassment of my husband) to know about what they eat and sometimes get invited to their house for a homecooked meal, so much so that my some of my favorite food shows on TV are the ones that involve traveling. And when I came to know of Living Foodz, a channel which is launching on 11th Sep as a Foodtainment channel promises to satisfy that genre of TV viewing and take the whole TV watching experience to a new level.


The teaser ads and videos they have been posting on their Facebook page are making me eagerly wait for the channel launch. Something tells me this has the potential of becoming one of the most watched channels of the house. Travel does sit well with all of us.

When Rocky & Mayur launched “Highway on my Plate” many years ago, they had an ardent fan in me and now having met them multiple times every times I see a show starring them I know it is how they are in real life that’s coming on TV and that makes it even more exciting and real to watch.Rocky & Mayur’s food express sounds as promising as the Highway on my plate, which is my son’s favorite program yes winning over the dreaded Pokemon even


And this is not it, there is also the very exciting “Chef On Wheels” by Chef Gautam where he will be cooking farm fresh food, its a dream of food truck and Indian food combined. What’s not to love I ask? And then Chef Ranveer is back with the season 2 of super popular show “Great Indian Rasoi”




I am bookmarking the FB page and marking the channel in favorites of my TV remote, I suggest you do the same 🙂

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