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Flight of Cocktails at Like That Only, Whitefield

Sometime ago, Like That Only (LTO as it will be called in this post now) launched a few new cocktails and invited us bloggers to have a taste of those in an event they names “Flight of Cocktails” and rightly so. That evening our taste buds experienced a new high when it comes to alcohol.  I always complain that in Bangalore, people who love cocktails are short changed, I can literally count on my fingers on the time I have had good cocktails in the city and in those counts Monkey Bar (run by the same group) might be counter multiple times followed by the great time we had with Rui at Blue Bar (to which I went back again later)

LTO’s cocktail surprise you with combinations you wouldn’t have thought of, the freshness they presented in every sip and yes they were strong enough to be called cocktails and not those watered down drinks we usually get at various places

We started the evening with “Misty Mornings – Absolut Vodka shaken with rose petals and Lychee” now to be honest, I had dismissed this one when I read the menu, too sweet, too flowery. I had made my mind already but had to change when I drank it. Yes it was on the sweeter side but not reallt overbearingly sweet that I had imagined in my mind


The next drink we sampled was “Grape and goat Cheese Martini : Absolut vodka shaken with wine infused grapes and goat cheese“, goat cheese now who would have thought that I will see it in a cocktail, I did and boy what a beautiful texture it provided to the drink. Loved this one


And while we were enjoying these drinks, there was lovely food to nibble on floating around.  In the picture below are the L-R Beef and jalapeno dim sum , stunning stunning prawns Coconut prawns in spicy mayo, most certainly the dish of the day for me, Crispy fish katsu sushi roll , Chicken satay 

LTO Cocktails2

The next drink we move on to was “LTO Tom Yum – Secret Infusion in Absolut vodka, shaken with fresh Pomegranate and tamarind”, Mild flavour of tamarind, lemongrass and galangal. This was a winner for me and if I had to pick one drink of the day this would be a strong contender for it. Beautiful balance of flavours.

DSC_0383Another reason I love LTO apart from its food is the quirky decor but for some reason, I have always been going to LTO at night and hence never ever got a chance to click some nice pictures of the decor there but this I made up 🙂

LTO Cocktails

Moving on the next drink “LTO House Passion :From our garden into your glass. Freshly plucked passion fruit pureed and shaken with fresh watermelon and vodka”. What I loved about this drink was the fact that it had fresh passion fruit growing right there in LTO and well what I didn’t like in the drink was that fresh passion fruit can’t really be controlled. A great combination but for me was a little too heavy on passion fruit. Manu later added some more vodka to it and I liked it a lot later


“Basil Bliss : Fresh pineapple, basil, sweet & sour; shaken with Bacardi Gold rum” For me when its rum, its gotta be a rum and coke but this wasn’t too bad but man I can kill for that bottle 


And ofcourse while were drinking we ate some more. In the picture to kill for Pork Belly, Stuffed mushroom oshitashi and Spicy lamb bao

CollagesAnd generally goofed around clicking pictures

LTO Cocktails1

Next up was my favorite drink of the day “The Bath Tub Special – A refreshing change from ye oldegin & tonic. Slices of fresh cucumber and oranges; shaken with Bombay Sapphire” I repeat, My favorite dish of the day. Absolutely fresh and brilliant, yes I asked for a repeat full serving.


And incase you are wondering how the hell were we still standing after drinking so many drinks, the folks at LTO were smart and considerate. We got only tasting portions of all drinks in lovely jars that I wanted to steal and brink back home 😉

LTO Cocktails3and with this we come to dessert of the day, yes the last drink was a dessert drink  “Muddy River :Baileys, Kahlua and vanilla ice cream on top” A dessert drink and perfect for that, a fitting end to a lovely evening but certainly not a drink one can has a drink. so take care when u order

Cocktail details and more at LTO

Every evening, between 5PM and 8PM you can head to ‘LikeThatOnly’ for ‘Second Shift’ to enjoy innovative concoctions at special discounts.
 Also, the weekends get even closer with the I’LTO – ‘I’LikeThursdayOnly’ every Thursday, from 7 to 11:30 PM.  It’s a time when cocktail lovers can sip and enjoy the classic and innovative cocktails and the new short eats menu in the company of signature music from the 80’s.
Address: #14/31A, Hagadur Road, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066
Landmark: Behind Forum Value Mall
Phone Number: +91 80 6547 5610

5 comments on “Flight of Cocktails at Like That Only, Whitefield

  1. sirisha achanta
    December 3, 2013

    I dunno if the cocktails were as tasty as your photographs make them look.. Amaxing pictures

  2. ruth
    December 3, 2013

    I just wish the LTO got a little closer to us here in South Bangalore! Its 7.30AM when I am reading this and I want a drink! I am close to getting burned out… holiday season come on soooooner!

    • monikamanchanda
      December 4, 2013

      man sometimes I dont know whether I am angry that its far or I am thankful that its far 😛

    • monikamanchanda
      December 4, 2013

      also take a break ruth… dont burn urself out

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