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KFC Kitchen Tours 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some of my KFC kitchen tour pictures last week. I am usually not a fast food person, I detest McD, I don’t like Pizza Hut and dominos pizza. But if there is one fast food brand that I enjoy eating now and then it’s KFC. Go ahead and judge me if you want but the crispy chicken and chicken popcorn is somewhat comfort food for me. 

So when the company contacted me sometime ago for the kitchen tour I got curious and said why not. Let’s understand what happens behind the doors, what goes into the making of KFC kitchen. Usually we equate fast food with not so clean kitchens but the first thing that strikes you when you enter the kitchen is the fact that how clean it is. We started the tour with a demo of how they wash their arms and hands before they start working everytime in the kitchen, water at 35-40C , anti bacterial soup, drying followed by a santizing. The method seemed pretty solid to me. 

The second thing that strikes you is the fact that how well the segregation of  vegetararian and non-veg food has been done. Different kitchen sections with separate grills, fryers and even seperate apron colors for people working with meat vs vegetarian food. Contamination is highly unlikely. Oh and BTW I love their potato crisper burger, I know the burger purist in me which not call that a burger but heck it’s yummy 

We also saw the process of breading the famous crispy chicken at KFC, and it was like we all were suddenly transported to a candy shop. The process was totally unexpected and fun. They take the marinated chicken and throw it into a huge bowl of seasoned dry flour crumb mixture. The person does a fold kind of action of 7 times and then picks out the chicken with the help of a seive and wash it. Yes you read it right it, wash off the flour and then repeat the process of dipping it in flour all over again. This is what leads to the flakiness of the crispy chicken. Makes sense when you think of it, I am gonna surely try this at home soon.

And while we are at chicken, they showed us how the chicken is stored and processed. Stored between 1-4C, marinated and vaccum sealed with strict timestamps the process gave me comfort and confidence 


KFC kitchen tours had me smiling and more confindent to walk into KFC with my son than before and they are open to general public. So next time you are at KFC, talk to the manager and ask for a kitchen tour. You will be suitably impressed I assure you  

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