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Tips and Tricks of the Trade

I love cooking and I assume most of the people who come here enjoy it too but nonetheless its a task to be accomplished… and some things here and there sometimes back it very enjoyable… this is a page I will be keep jotting my tips


When frying butter u can prevent it from burning by adding a little (2-3 drops) of cooking oil to it #cookingtips

Simplest way to check the freshness of eggs is to dip in salted water. fresh egg will sink and the stale float #cookingtips

To measure honey & other sweet syrups use spoon dipped in hot water and they will not stick to the spoon #cookingtips

Have left over wine from a party, freeze it in ice trays and u can use in sauces and dips later. works very well #cookingtips

Hard Cheeses like Parmesan and cheddar stay fresh for long if u wrap them in a damp cloth dipped in beer :) #cookingtips

while on cheese always replace the plastic cover u buy it in with parchment paper or butter paper before u store it #cookingtips

Shallots and garlic will peel easier if u pour hot water over them before u start peeling #cookingtips

To prevent your potatoes from sprouting store an apple with them#cookingtips

And while on apple it can also be used to ripen tomatoes faster, store apple and raw tomatoes in a paper together #cookingtips

To prevent eggs from cracking put a pinch of salt before the water starts boiling #cookingtips

And if they still crack add a little vinegar to the water to prevent further leak #cookingtips

And to prevent the black ring around the yellow of a hard boiled egg drain them ASAP and dip in cold water and peel #cookingtips

Also longer u leave the boiled egg to peel more difficult it’ll be. so peel & store it will stay fine in fridge for upto 3 days #cookingtips

To get lighter scrambled eggs add a little bit of water to eggs, dont add milk it will make the eggs tough #cookingtips

An over browned garlic can sometimes add bitterness to the gravy so add it to hot oil and fry just for a min #cookingtips

Or use garlic infused oil, I love it. Warm some oil remove from stove, add garlic, leave for 10 minutes and sieve #cookingtips

To prevent an apple from browning before using keep it dipped in a lemon water (2 tsp of lemon juice + bowl of water) #cookingtips

Also if u wanna pack it for kiddie lunch u can add lemon juice & spoon of honey to the slices before packing #cookingtips

While grating cheese spray the grater with non stick cooking spray To keep cheese from sticking to the grater #cookingtips

To take out the smell from burnt rice put a slice of white bread in the rice pot & the bread will absorb all the smell #CookingTips

Always store the butter wrapped in a butter paper it picks up smells very easily #CookingTips

Contrary to the popular belief never salt ur meat before cooking it will make it tougher, marinate but w/o salt #CookingTips

Cook ur green leafy veggies uncovered and they will retain their lovely color #CookingTips

When using canned stuff always empty the can if u have something left pour it into a bowl & store an open can will rust #CookingTips

Now this one I think is most used & needed in my house – to get rid of odors & germs on ur chopping board rub with a lemon#CookingTips

Greens veggies store the best if u chop the lower stems and wrap them in aluminum foil and keep in fridge #CookingTips

To cook the perfect pasta, boil it in salted water, drain and wash well and then add some drops of olive oil to the same #CookingTips

The last one works for noodles too :) #CookingTips


First and foremost its very important to preheat the oven just on the oven at the specified temp for 10 mins #BakingTips

if you are using a OTG at home heating at 10C more than required & reverting it to the required temp while baking works ideal #BakingTips

When making muffins don’t I repeat DONT overmix the batter u will get hard and tough muffins #BakingTips

Before starting to make the batter/dough for baking always make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature #BakingTips

Always seive the flour & baking powder together, it aerates the mixture + lets u remove the lumps double win #BakingTips

If the recipe asks for grilling always leave the over done slightly open a close door will result in baking of the veggie/meat #BakingTips

Want to keep baked goodies fresh longer keep a piece of small bread in the jar u store ur cookies it will absorb the moisture #BakingTips

while using muffin tray, dont have enough batter to fill all of them, fill the empty ones with water will ensure uniform baking #BakingTips

According to my exp Cookies are always best baked in the lower most rack though some people believe otherwise :) #BakingTips

watch out your cookie while baking, it doesnt take more than 8 mins or so and 1 minute is the diff between a crisp & a burnt one #BakingTips

Dont have self raising flour make ur own – 2 1/2 tsp of baking pwd for 225gms of flour and its ready #BakingTips

If u are adding dried fruit to cake or bread batter coat it with plain flour and it will not sink to the bottom of the cake #BakingTips

Reduce the oven temperature by 25° when using glass or dark color baking dishes #BakingTips

Always grease and dust the pan well before baking, too much flour-oil will give a strange taste whereas less will make it stick #BakingTips

Also if baking a chocolate cake dust the baking tin with cocca powder rather than flour #BakingTips

Baking is a half science half art DONT experiment with andaaza measure all your ingredients #BakingTips

To speed up the softening of cold butter thinly slice it and let stand for about 10 minutes over a bowl of warm water #BakingTips

To make sure the cake comes out clean out of the tin wait for it to completely cool down I know its tough but required :) #BakingTips

When whipping cream for the frosting of the cake make sure the bowl the beater blade and ofcourse the cream is chilled #BakingTips

It will bring it to the firm peks level faster. also dont overbeat it stop just when firm peaks are starting to get formed #BakingTips

For making Chocolate whipped cream – add 2 tbspn of coca + 2 tbspn of icing sugar + 1 cup of whipping cream & whip as usual #BakingTips

For making Coffee Whipped cream add 2 tbspn of strong coffee decotion to 1 cup of whipping cream & whip as usual #BakingTips

Never ever open the oven door for the first 10 mins when baking a cake/muffin it will sink after 10 mins its ur choice :) #BakingTips

While we are talking about whipping lets talk about whipping eggs.. yes getting the meringue right its a art which can be learnt #BakingTips

1. Always use fresh egg whites for making #meringue old egg whites will collage when u fold other ingredients #BakingTips

2. Seperate white & yellow very well NEVER EVER let a yellow come in the white portion while making a #meringue #BakingTips

3. There should be no water or moisture in the bowl in which u are beating eggs for making #meringue #BakingTips

4. Add a pinhc or salt/vinegar to the eggs before u start beating & beat just till foamy. dont overbeat #meringue #BakingTips

Mixing of fat (butter/oil etc) with sugar can be done in various ways in baking – rubbing, creaming and whipping are the main #BakingTips

Rubbing – chilled fat is mixed into sugar to form a breadcumbs like mixture, used for breads and cookies more #BakingTips

Creaming – cream fat on the kitchen counter in circular motion till soft, add sugar slowly and continue creaming #BakingTips

Never full the baking dish to the full leave, fill it 2/3 and leave some space for the cake to rise #BakingTips

When baking cookies always line the baking tray with butter paper or parchment paper #BakingTips

Always bake the cake in the center rack of the oven #BakingTips

Cool baked goodies on the wire rack else the moisture from the bottom makes it soggy #BakingTips

In baking folding is a very important technique, its designed to combine ingredients without knocking air out of the mixture #BakingTips

  • Rubber spatulas work the best, always add the lighter mixture to the heavier mixture while folding #BakingTips
  • In a single action, run the spatula around the side, then along the base, of the bowl. Now fold the mixture over onto itself #BakingTips
  • Rotate the bowl 90°. Repeat until just combined. #BakingTips


10 comments on “Tips and Tricks of the Trade

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  2. SinFoodie
    February 27, 2011

    This is a such a great treasure of cooking tips.

  3. Such great advice! Love it.

  4. Siri
    December 9, 2011

    Awesome job with these tip & tricks Monika 🙂


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  6. Radhika Shekhar
    May 30, 2012

    Mon, do you have any tips and tricks for non OTG, aka only convection Microwave folks ?

  7. amitas55
    May 9, 2013

    Very handy tips. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. Manisha
    August 1, 2013

    very nice tips especially the backing tips

  9. chickpiggy
    January 31, 2015

    Great collection of tips!

  10. Matilda Rajamanohar
    July 26, 2015

    Dusting the pan with cocoa powder for chocolate cake,,, good tip

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