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Seven Cup Cake–A Tribute TO Jayashree


I heard about Jayasree’s sad demisal sometime back on twitter via Madhuri. The news made me very very sad. A talented and young person being taken away, I just don’t understand God at times. I had interacted with her a couple of times during ICC and I found her very warm. May she Rest in Peace and may her family have the strength to deal with the loss.

And a couple of days later I saw this post by Aparna. And I was like this is the only way we can remember her well. I went to her blog and started searching for what I want to make and saw a seven cup cake recipe, its a sweet I have been thinking of trying since sometime. I followed what she had written and made it. Its turned out absolutely yumm… I have never tasted it before this and the first bite I almost felt like I am eating Pattisa, wondering if they are actually the same sweets with two different names


Thank Jaysree, even after going you have sweetened our diwali. May you Rest in Peace.





And if you are a blogger please join us in Remembering Jaysree by cooking something from her blog.

2 comments on “Seven Cup Cake–A Tribute TO Jayashree

  1. Swaram
    October 23, 2011

    For one who hates sweets, this is one sweet which I would devour. Mom made it on every single birthday of mine 🙂

    That is really sad Monu! RIP 😦 I used to browse her blog once in a while and pick out recipes and this somehow left me really sad now 😦

  2. aarti
    October 24, 2011

    Even though i dint know Jayashree, may her soul RIP…. i just visited her blog…

    And Mon, wow, this looks so delightful and yummy…

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