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For the love of Vada Pav – Rajwardhan Foods

I absolutely love vada pav. Well I know I say that for most food but the food I feature here is the food I love so 😛 but among all those too I think I love love love vada pav a lot. And the thing I miss in Bangalore was a place where u get good vada pav the ones if not fully matching up to Mumbai ones atleast come close to it, so when one day a friend suggested a place called Rajwardhan foods in JP Nagar the trip was planned ASAP though JP Nagar is not really the area I hang out in but remember that dialogue from Dil Chahta hai “cake ke liye hum kahin bhi ja saktein hain” same holds true for me for vada pav “vada pav ke liye hum kahin bhi ja saktein hain” LOL.. We had a friend A over who is as big a vada pav fan as me may be even more and all we knew of this place was the name , so after the help of google baba and burrp we found where the place is more or less and off we went with hubby’s new obsession the maps in his phone set with destination as Rajwardhan food….Now A has the same phone as N so he set the destination in his phone too and with two phone trying to guide us to the same destination and giving two totally different direction and the men who anyways hate to ask for it (oh but I digress) arguing on it we went round and round and round till we finally decided to ask and reached the place phew with one phone still telling us after 200 mts turn left that’s technology for u 🙂

When we reached we ordered for predictably vada pavs 🙂

The vada pav was yummylicious to say the least, rightly fried, potatoes with that hint of ginger and green chilly, fresh and soft pav with the a pretty good chilli garlic chutney topped by a fried green chilly. It made the perfect package. Certainly one of the the best vada pavs I have had in Bangalore. After finishing our first round of vada pav while we were deciding on what to eat A just went ahead and ordered another vada pav and another yeah thats all he eat that time, one can take that as an indication of how good it was 🙂

Post that me and N ordered sabudana vada and pav bhaji respectively and though the sabudana vada was again pretty authentic (though I didn’t understand its pairing with curd, is that how it served my marathi friends?), the pav bhaji was well nothing much to speak of pretty ordinary not bad certainly but also not among the top 5 ones in Bangalore

and yes they served the pav bhaji with papad, I dont know whether to be happy for the local touch or sad that they didnt stick to the authentic thing… yeah I am a confused soul that way 🙂

While we were eating all this the child decided he didn’t want to taste any of the new stuff and wanted to eat the poori he was the other people on the next table eating (BTW whats it with wanting to eat what other people are eating, every place u should have a way of ordering where what those guys are eating shld be valid :P). The poori bhaaji was surprisingly pretty good and we all loved it

We also went ahead and ordered a dabeli which was though quite authentic but frankly not my kind of food…

We also ordered a yummy and spicy buttermilk and endded the meal with some shirkhand and all in all had a veru satisfying dinner with talks of when to go back there already one 🙂 because I wanted to try the thalipeeth and the sabudana khichdi which I couldt because well there is only so much one can eat at one time

And went back we did pretty soon and tasted what we wanted to, the thalipeeth was outstanding but the sabudana khichdi somehow left me wanting for me  but still it wasn’t bad.

The place is a small darshini like place (for those who are not from Blore and don’t understand what it means it’s basically a place where tables are placed, self-service, you take your food stand and eat. Pretty basic stuff and pretty cheap too) and the tables are placed on the pavment and the joint is all but a huge kitchen with a small slab for servicing and order pick up.  So keep that in mind when you go there.

All in all a place for a quick bite if u like vada pav and other marathi foods

13 comments on “For the love of Vada Pav – Rajwardhan Foods

  1. Swaram
    June 3, 2011

    I luvvv Dabeli, and get pretty awesome ones very close to my place here 🙂 Must try the JP Nagar one sometime!

  2. Purvesh Gada
    June 3, 2011

    Hey, great article. I myself am a huge fan of vada pav and had once done a review of some of the best vada pav centers in Bombay. This is very well written. Cheers and keep writng.

    • monikamanchanda
      June 14, 2011

      thank u and well mumbai is the best place for vada pav anyways

  3. suranga
    June 3, 2011

    Enjoyed this report on all the yummy stuff. Just that the sabudana khichadi looks a bit too soggy . It is typically supposed to be nicely fluffed and light. (At least thats how we make it at home). Maybe thats why you didnt get too thrilled about it.

  4. UmaS
    June 4, 2011

    Oh !!! Those Vada pavs are so yummy….and I loved the puris too !!! 🙂 😀

  5. The Wandering Minstrel
    June 6, 2011

    Aah. Mumbai street food bang in the middle of bangalore. Lovely find i say! and oh, ur right, even i wudnt know how to react to papad with pav bhaji. odd. but who is complaining when u find a haven of this sort!

  6. Ekta
    June 8, 2011

    I spent my first year after marriage in Bangalore…that too JayaNagar 9th Blk & Rajwardhan was walkable from our place…..was hubby & my fav anytime place! loved all the dishes…aunty does a spl thali during navratras n fasts…also aam-ras & poori…..

  7. Vardhini
    June 8, 2011

    Love the vada pavs .. They look so yummy and tasty too ..

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  8. Noodlehead
    June 9, 2011

    You’re slaying me, babe! this is my no outside food week and I’m dying inside just looking at these pictures. I thought the combo of sweet dahi and the vada was odd too. Besides, it’s also extremely oily. Beyond even the upper limit of oiliness that I can stomach. I tried it once and then I stay away from it. I prefer my sabudana in their khichdi, which is to die for, no? His panna is quite nice too. Unfortunately we moved to our current house before I could eat my way through his menu and now we don’t go that way often except to visit the dentist, which essentially means we avoid it as much as possible 😉 I think I’ll head there next week and pig out on a couple of old favorites!

  9. Kalyani
    August 1, 2011

    Mumbai visits Bangalore 🙂 ummm.. thats interesting !!

    Best regards
    Kalyani a.k.a Mom Chef blogging @ What’s Cooking

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  11. art
    March 10, 2015

    Yes, sweet dahi, thinned, is served with Sabudana wada in Bombay…

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