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Citrus Coconut Muffins


Yes its time for Muffin Monday again and I can’t tell you how much I am loving this. One I don’t have to think much what to give Ojas for snack box atleast two days, he takes the muffins I bake and second muffins are so much fun to bake and with a lovely group like that, its totally fun.

This week the muffins were extra special to me as I baked them for my diwali basket, For my non Indian readers. Diwali is the one of the biggest festivals in India, celebrated with lights and crackers… the atmosphere is much like xmas, joy and happiness all around. This year too like last year I have decided to give home made baskets as Diwali presents instead of buying sweets from outside.


The muffins were deliciously soft, the citrus flavour added a lovely punch and the coconut gave that crunch which added a beautiful balance to the whole thing.

We loved baking these muffins in this house, hope u had fun too Smile


For the recipe and the rest of the Muffins this Monday go here

8 comments on “Citrus Coconut Muffins

  1. Baker Street
    October 24, 2011

    Love the liners you used. The muffins look absolutely fantastic and perfect for the diwali basket!

  2. Anonymously Disguised
    October 24, 2011

    I am so gonna make this Mons. It has all my fave ingredients in it

  3. Happy Diwali, Monica! So nice that you were able to incorporate your muffins into your gift-giving. I’m sure the recipients loved them! Love the look of your thick coconut, too. Delicious!

  4. Carrie @ poet in the pantry
    October 24, 2011

    Such festive liners you used! What a great way to celebrate Diwali, too! Your muffins look fantastic. 🙂

  5. Ok first of all I have to laugh, I have a friend named Monica that we call Sin A Mon so when I saw your name I was like wow, two of them 🙂 These muffins look extra fluffy! Nice.

  6. Nastassia (Let Me Eat Cake)
    October 25, 2011

    your muffins look great! coconut anything is definitely a fave of mine. Happy Muffin Monday!

  7. Stay-At-Home-Chef
    October 25, 2011

    Your muffins look gorgeous! Lovely domed tops 🙂 Happy Muffin Monday! Are you ready for the holiday muffins?! Chocolate…can’t wait to see what An has planned 🙂

  8. carolineadodo
    October 26, 2011

    Happy Diwali, I bet these muffins were a great addition to your celebration. They look perfect!

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