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Five curries to make without Onions

So about an hour ago, I got yet another joke on whatsapp on the soaring onion prices and while I laughed I also wondered that what do I cook without onion. I know a lot of rajasthani and jain food is indeed cooked without onion but otherwise onion is a pretty integral part of Indian cooking, ateast the cooking I do at all. But when I looked on the blog I realised I do have some yummy dishes which are made without onions on the blog and just for fun here are the top five favorites.

Kundapur Ghee Roast : my favorite chicken recipes from Karnataka – The Kundapur Ghee Roast, rich and spicy perfect to be had with rotis or with a beer

Kundapur Chicken Ghee Roast

Get Recipe here

Banarasi Peas Nimona : Though best made with fresh peas in winter, it comes out pretty well with frozen peas as well


Recipe here 

Punjabi Kadhi : yes the pakoras have onions but I hardly make them anymore. Add any veggies you want and  add it with rotis and rice

Recipe here

Capsicum and Ginger Moong : With fantastic flavours of ginger and capsicum it is a very different dal


Recipe here 

Dahi Walla Tinda : And this one can be made with any gourd or even aloo

Dahi Tinda

Recipe here

So tell me what are your favorite curries to make without onions

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