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Rendezvous with Double Black @ Blue Bar

Pic Credit : Johny Walker Fan Page

Pic Credit : Johny Walker Fan Page

I remember some years ago, whiskey was something that only dad drank. It wasn’t ever in my list of preferred drinks but now as I get older I am slowly taking to it. Slowly but steadily. So when the invite for the Double Black invite came I was almost passing it off but then thought why not. I am not a whiskey expert is something I should tell you before hand but did I enjoy Double Black, oh yes I did. The intense smoky flavour of the drink was a delight to even an inexperienced person like me


Pic Credit : Ruth/Sudhakar

The evening was led by Zibigniew Zapart (Zibi) who made some very interesting cocktails with it, experimenting but still keeping Double black as the hero. Zibi created four cocktails keeping in mind the underlying tasting notes of  the Double Black i.e. Raisins, Apples, Berries and Spices. Personally I could never identify the berries 😉 Each cocktail was creatively paired with its complimenting course by Chef Sandip Narang , among which my favorite being the brilliant lamb chops. There was also a lovely BBQ happening which we focused on after the cocktail demo


Pic Credit : Ruth/Sudhakar

The Double Black Raisin Sour was served a simple Cheese Platter. The Double Black Oaky Apple with the Smoked Ham.Double Black and Berry accompanied the Perfectly grilled Lamb Chops leading us to the best cocktail of the evening  Double Black Maple Masala Old Fashioned, Maple Syrup infused with Garam Masala and classic bitters paired with an Galouti Kebab on sheermal – there wasn’t a thing you could find wrong with this one.


Pic Credit : Ruth/Sudhakar

It was a lovely evening and here are the recipes of the cocktails for you to recreate at home (pic credit : Swaps)

Thanks for the hardwork on this one Swaps.

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