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Pizza outlets in Bangalore: A sigh of relief in fast-paced life

Who doesn’t like Pizza and coke (or beer in some cases like mine), everyone has days when all you want to do is plonk yourself on the couch, catch up on a movie or read a book and not to worry about what to cook, about setting up the table for dinner and doing the dishes. When all you can think of is eat pizza right from the box and slow down the crazy paced life we lead normally. This is when the pizza home delivery feels like god sent and a boon. Here are a few of my favorite places for Pizza delivery in Bangalore, ofcourse I am not counting the Pizza Hut and Dominos of the world

1. Pizzeria : This is in my opinion has to be the leading contender for the best pizza that can be delivered to your house, thin crust and good cheese make it a winner to the boot.

2. The Pizza Stop : With multiple branches in the city, this is a strong and a far better pizza than your pizza hut. This was the pizza I always reached out for when I was in the Kormangala area, pity there is none in Whitefield yet.

photo (36)

3. Gusto Pizzas : Another stellar thin crust pizza delivery place. This one is a favorite at home for the egg pizzas (never seen it anywhere else yet), they have a kickass anda bhurji pizza which the child at home loves


4. Onesta, Kormangala : A relatively new entrant to the Pizza market, this one has super cute small 6 inch thin crust and pan pizzas with brilliant topping combos like Brocolli and garlic chips, bacon and prawn. Must try for the pizza lover

Trie Peperoni : Fresh tomato sauce, red and yellow peppers, olives and mozzarella. This is N's favorite

Trie Peperoni : Fresh tomato sauce, red and yellow peppers, olives and mozzarella. This is N’s favorite

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