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Citibank Restaurant Week India : Caperberry

I have said this before and I say it again Citibank Restaurant Week India is one of my favorite food festivals in the town. Well organised and it showcases some of the best places in the city. It opens to public for delightful 10 days tomorrow morning and this is where you can see the menus and book your tables.


This time around I picked up Caperberry for the preview meal of RWI, its been a while since Caperberry moved to UB City and I still hadn’t been there yet, I thought this might be a good time to correct it. The new Caperberry is probably smaller than the earlier one but it is every bit classsy. There is an air of formal dining and class the minute you enter the place. We started the evening with a “Watermelon and Mint Popsicle” amuse bouche, fresh and perfect start for the evening. We also some excellent white wine (not included in the RWI menu)

2015-04-151 I had read the menu online and was more or less clear on what I want to order, the server tried to suggest something else once but I can be very stubborn at times when it comes to my food choices but I lacked that he didn’t insist though clearly I think we wanted us to taste it. I digress as usual, so for the first course I ordered RWI signature which was smoked salmon and goat cheese roulade on spoon, with hint of nori and wasabi sauce, this clearly was the dish of the day for me. Me and N shared the first course and after a bite I clearly regretted agreeing to it


N ordered the Embutido : assortment of spanish cured meats with figs and olives, he was in a cold cut kind of mood he told me. Good stuff on plate though I did wonder why is it placed in Caperberry menu.


We were also served “Assorted Spherification” which is essentially chilled semi set jellies of mozzarella and balsamic, mango and ginger, tamarind and spice (almost golgappa like). This is the kind of food I know Caperberry for and I love the mango and ginger flavour


For the mains, we got the “Chorizo & Mushroom Risotto” and “Sous Vide Lamb Roulade”. I liked the risotto a lot, the rice was perfectly cooked, creamy and hit all the right notes. N also liked his lamb, I personally preferred the risotto



Very rarely do you find me raving about desserts at any place but today I will because the “White chocolate and olive oil ecstasy” was every bit worth it. The sweetness of the white chocolate offset by the beautiful chocolate crumble which was perfectly complimented by the caramel foam. This was a perfectly executed dessert


We also ordered the liquid nitrogen cooked live macron and this is for those who either love drama or really are intrigued by how things work. Total fun


I really enjoyed my meal at Caperberry and there are some more really good places with fabulous menus for this RWI and for a price of Rs 1200 ++ for dinner and Rs 900++ for lunch, it is an absolute steal. Make your booking right here if you haven’t already.


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