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Street Food Festival at Social Offline

Social is one of those cool hangout places in Bangalore which is ALWAYS buzzing with activity and it also one of those places where I feel OLD when I go so as a result, I always end up going to Social for breakfast when the college crowd has still not woken up and gotten there, I like their food – it’s delicious and its fun, those lovely plates from the olden times, the kheema pav and all. I love their drinks they are spunky and they are fun. They spell good and fun times.


So Social is having a street food festival currently with the idea of bringing the fun street food from the world to the hip and happening Church street. I was invited for a preview last Sunday and I went with my favorite set of girls (you know who you are)


As we entered this cute looking cart welcomed us and I knew there were fun times ahead 🙂 We started the evening with a kickass drink called “Banarasi Patalia”, which is essentially fresh sugarcane juice (they have a machine for doing this at the restaurant) with 90ml of rum served with a small bowl of chat masala. I love sugarcane juice and this took me back to Delhi summers only better this time with rum


Another kickass thing they have and you MUST try are the shots, these are essentially vodka infused with our childhood candies – kacha aam, pan pasand, mango bite and so on and then filtered. These were so good that I am convinced that I have to try making them at home now


The food is all inspired by the streets too but everything is with a twist, there is a hashbrown tikki chat, papad pizza with bacon and cheese (OMG drool), there is pav bhaji (with great pav and so-so bhaji), kickass mirchi bhaji stuffed with cheese served with khatti meethi and green chutney






There was papdi chat with chicken, mix pakora platters, chicken kababs which reminded me of the bangalore street side kabas and there was a pani puri platter. And there was the fantastic Mutton Biryani Burrito, an absolute must try small plate and one of my favorites from that day.


Another thing which you must try when you are there are these kanche walli soda bottles, that is what we used to call them while growing up and then when we went to college it was Banta, anyone from Delhi University and I bet banta is a huge part of their memory. Again these ones are better because they are spiked, my favorite was Raspberry soda with vodka


We virtually skipped the mains that day since lots of small plates happened but there was Nihari, an intresting Croissant parantha and seekh kabab wellington which all sounded very good in my mind.

For the desserts there was gulab jamun cheesecake which I didn’t like, falooda which was good (called Izzat ka Falooda BTW 😉 ) and a tiramisu softie which was pretty nice.



The festival is on till the end of the month, go and check some very interesting stuff they have

Address: 46/1 Opp. Empire Hotel, Cobalt Building, Church Street, Bangalore
Phone: 41713016
Cuisine: Alcohol, breakfast, A mix of everything
Parking: Valet on weekends
Meal for two : Rs 2500 ++

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