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Global Grills at The Polo Club, Oberoi

I love Oberoi, it is one of my favorite 5-stars in the town. The ambience is gorgeous and the food always special.  Everything that is served is well thought, the flavours are clean and yet so complex. The service at Oberoi is outstanding too, in a nutshell the experience while dining out in one of their restaurants is always pleasant and satisfying.

The Polo Club is currently running a Global Grills festival all of Feb, the idea is to enjoy the gorgeous Bangalore evenings along with some hot and fresh grills.

Last week, some of us were invited to sample some of the stuff from the festival and everything we tasted was so well executed. Chef Gautam served us a tasting platter with chicken, fish, pork belly, tenderloin, prawns, sausages and seekh kabab. The Barbecued Chicken Skewers for me was the surprise of the day, I started my platter with it thinking I will get done with the least favorite meat and move on to the next but it was surprisingly good, moist and flavourful. Twice cooked Australian Pork Belly with honey and mustard glaze was spectacular and I remember we all taking another helping when some more was brought for Anoushka. The tiger prawns with chilli and garlic marinade couldn’t have gone wrong and were beautifully grilled. The Scottish Salmon with teriyaki was another offering that everyone loved.

We also sipped on some lovely cocktails alongside the grills, The genie in a bottle which was a take on the classic mojito with kaffir lime and galgal lemon was well balanced but could have done with a little more alcohol, green apple and basil martini was good drink to sip but the best of the evening was the Earl Grey Martini, with a brilliant hit of earl grey and fair amount of alcohol this one is brought to the table and frozen with a liquid nitrogen infusion, this cocktail was in demand that day on the table.

We ended the meal with a soft centered Belgium chocolate pudding served with vanilla ice cream , essentially a chocolate fondant with molten center, it was really nice but what I preferred that evening was the orange creme brulee, fresh and lovely it was a perfect way to end the meal that evening

Here are a few pictures that we clicked day that. I have to admit that the food was tastier than the pictures, the evening lighting doesn’t do good to the food

Genie in a Bottle

Genie in a Bottle

The classic Sangria

The classic Sangria

Earl Grey Martini with the special effects from liquid nitrogen being infused

Earl Grey Martini with the special effects from liquid nitrogen being infused

BBQ Chicken Skewers with Baked Potatoes and Cream

BBQ Chicken Skewers with Baked Potatoes and Cream

German Snail Sausages

German Snail Sausages

Orange Creme Brulee


The festival runs till Feb 28th 2015, evenings only from 7:30pm – 11:30pm and meal for two during the festival time would be Rs 3500/-++ 

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