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High Ultra, Malleshwaram






There are many kinds of high and the day we visited High Ultra in Malleshwaram we were high of all kinds. High is located on the 31st floor and at 421 feet above the sea level. It is the highest restaurant currently in Bangalore and I believe in whole of South India too.  If you ask me High is perfect for the Bangalore, the weather is mostly great and the outdoor seating is what I loved the most with a view of Bangalore sky line and once you see Bangalore from there is when you realise that Bangalore is still pretty much flat. You can almost spot all of the handful high rise buildings from there. There are a couple of more options in terms of seating areas including one which is fully indoor

We settled down outside and started ordering our drinks, we were a group and I almost lost track of what who ordered but one thing that really stuck me was how each dish and each drink was distinct and had something which elevated it to the next level. Smoke in some drinks, drink for a couple which comes in a jar in one and which they smoke on the table with a bamboo next to it.


Here is a picture journey for you on what we had that day. I know I am going back again sooon and strongly recommended the same for you




















2 comments on “High Ultra, Malleshwaram

  1. hitchy
    August 22, 2014

    Oh Christ!!! Visiting your blog is a sheer delight and a torture both combined in one… I need to go down and get atleast a ghareeb burger!

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