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Mixology evening with Shatbhi Basu at Harry’s


So Indiranagar opened its door to one more watering hole, one more cool bar, Harry’s of the Singapore fame.  Located right on the super cool 100ft road Harry’s has every potential to be the next talk of the town. We were invited for a mixology session (long ago, I have to admit I am late in the this post, but I can’t do it publicly na) recently  with the queen of bartending in India “Shatbhi Basu”, everyone knows Shatbhi at least everyone who likes their cocktails does.

Harry's Bar1

Shatbhi Basu and “The Bell pepper Margarita” my favorite drink of the day, the beautiful flavour that the pounded bell pepper added to the drink was something else

Shatbhi is one of the celebrities I have met who probably are completely the same in real life as they are on TV,  if something even more natural at it. She got down to doing what she does best showing us how to make cocktails with ease, a bit of something from here, a bit of something from there, no real measurements, all my gut and this while keeping the easy conversation going and a video camera which almost blinded us all pointing at her. She kept dishing out one brilliant cocktail after and I even enjoyed the Singapore Sling that I usually find too sweet at most places

Harry's Bar

The making of the Singapore Sling


The Singapore Sling, it was as bloody good as it looks


Caramel Popcorn. A Bailey based drink with caramel topped with some caramel popcorn for crunch. A good dessert to have in a pub 🙂

While we were chatting with Shatbhi and enjoying our drinks, there were some snacks from Harry’s floating around. Margarita Pizza, Thai Green Curry Pizza and Chilli Potatoes.  The pizza crust was good crisp and thin and in a strange way I liked the green curry pizza, as weird as it sounds I think it was one of the favorite dishes of the day for me. The chilli potatoes well if I would have got them at say “China Pearl” I would have been very happy with them but considering these were served in Harry’s from Singapore I wondered what exactly they were doing there.

Harry's Bar2

Margarita Pizza, Thai Green Curry Pizza and Chilli Potatoes.


Chicken drumstick, just as they are usually

Chicken drumstick, just as they are usually

Now almost everyone who reads the blog knows I am no paneer fan but this dish had a potential to make a convert. Wasabi Paneer, Paneer marinated with wasabi, wrapped in nori and deep fried tempura style and served with wasabi mayo. It could have been a wasabi overkill, it could have been but somehow it wasn’t. It worked and surprised me a lot

Wasabi Paneer

Wasabi Paneer


All in all, Harry’s does seem like a place which does have potential to be the next “IT” watering hole if it is able to replicate the drinks that Shatbhi made that because the ones we were given by the waiters were way off balance that day


1st Floor, HAL 2nd Stage,

100ft Rd, Above Copper Chimney,


Ph: 9620813000

Parking: Valet available

Cost: Rs.1500/-++ for a meal for two with drinks.

PS: All picture credits to the brilliant Swaps from The Food Porn Diaries 

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