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Quick cooking – sooji ka halwa

So today is ashtami, and how much ever I find the tradition of “Kanya Pooja” funny and ridiculous now, it’s something I enjoyed immensely while growing up. The going from house to house in a gang and pretending to be all important on that day, collecting lots of money at the end of the day and planning which doll will I buy with that. When I look back I wonder how easy it was to make us happy at that age. No tension of what actually is the reason behind, what are the undercurrents. Just enjoy life as it comes in small things and go on.

Now when I think of “Kanya Pooja” I think of hypocrisy, of discrimination and so many more things

Yet usually on this day I make channa, halwa and poori and along with some chocolates distribute in kids around my place which are not very well to do, kids of construction workers and the likes. After many years this time was one of the days I didn’t do it. I moved houses last week and I am running a two week long kids workshop both of which are so draining that I am barely about manage those. I will surely tried to do that in the weekend too, let’s see how it goes. But I did make a little halwa in the evening and when pixie asked me for a recipe, I thought why not take this as an opportunity to scribble something here too. I know I promised you guys baking a-z and it hasn’t started yet but apart from the move, the broadband has been playing with me too and has been down for over a week now. I promise I will start and finish it as soon as I get better internet access. Currently typing from phone, which works only for small and quick posts

So here is the sooji ka halwa recipe
Recipe – sooji ka halwa
Source – ma
What I used
1/2 cup ghee
1 cup sooji (semolina, fine chiroti rawa)
1 tbsp besan
2 cups sugar
4 cups water
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cashew of any other nuts you want
Pinch of salt

How I made it
In a big bowl, heat sugar and water together till completely dissolved, the best is to make “one string sugar syrup” but it works without that also.
In a heavy bottom pan, heat ghee and add sooji and roast constantly stirring. When it starts to change color add besan and roast till sooji is aromatic and light brown in color
At this stage, add the hot sugar syrup, be careful while doing the batter will sizzzle. Don’t burn yourself
Cook till water dries a bit and the halwa starts to leave ghee in the side
Heat one more tablespoon of ghee and roast the nuts and raisins. Add to the halwa and serve hot


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