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Book Review : Around the world with Tadka Girls

Tadka Girls Ruchira Ramanujam and Ranjani Rao and write a popular food blog called “Tadka Pasta“. Ruchira and Ranjani have been family friends from a very long time, since they were staying in the US. The blog started as a way to document their recipes and the idea slowly led to a book. They say they took about 6 months to write the book but it took over 2 yrs to finally get in print.


I got my hands on the book sometime ago, it’s always exciting to read book by fellow bloggers and friends. You can relate to almost everything written in the book on a personal level. Ruchira and Ranjini are from totally different cultural backgrounds and they have a travelled a lot and that is something that comes across in the book almost immediately. The recipes are taken from around the world but almost always have a twist to them, a little personalization or tadkafication 🙂

Tadka Pasta girls in action at the book launch at Atta Gallata

I attended the Tadka Girls promotion event which happened at Atta Gallata some weeks ago, which was basically a cooking demo and an interactive session about the book. I always tell people, there is no other way to launch a cookbook then do a cooking demo and I am glad these girls did one.


They demoed a broccoli salad with a Tadka Girls Twist with a yummy jeera flavour to it but for me the winner of the day was a superbly spiced and seasoned tomato and mint juice which they call “Misty Mary” in the book, I think it will go fabulously well with vodka


I have had the book with me for sometime and I have been waiting to cook out of it before I do the review, so this morning for breakfast I made “Cantaloupe Salsa” though because my melon wasn’t ripe enough it looked more like a salad then a salsa but the flavours were lovely and it made for a good breakfast along with some boiled eggs for me


The recipes in the book are pretty no fuss straight forward, with not a mile long ingredients. Most ingredients are the ones which are pantry staples and are on kitchen shelves most of the time which surely makes the book a winner for most people. The thing which I also liked is the fact that it has recipes which are from around the world, its a good book for a person who wants to do simple yet fancy cooking in the house, the mushroom toasties for example are easy to make yet have all the potential to be a party star.

Now to something where the book left me a tad disappointed, I think was the format that changed in every section and also the complex English, really I think the book could do with simpler adjectives but that’s just my humble opinion.

Summary : A lovely book with easy to replicate but fancy enough to impress recipes that work.

3 comments on “Book Review : Around the world with Tadka Girls

  1. Tadka Pasta
    February 7, 2014

    Appreciate the review, Monika. Thanks so much!

  2. Widi
    February 11, 2014

    I really get inspired when i see people doing something different and great like this and this includes you Monica :). Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for the review. Off to their blog.

  3. Sulekha (@sulekkha)
    February 14, 2014

    Great review, Monika. I am an average cook but like to try new recipes but not complex and confusing ones 🙂 This book looks like it has easy and fun recipes, bookmarking your blog.

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