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Leaping Windows Cafe : Where Comics, fun decor & food meet

I have been hearing about Leaping Windows from sometime now, there are comics, there are fun cushions and there is good food. What’s not to love when you are told that a place has all of those. Finally when I had to meet a friend for lunch and discuss something about “work”, I decided that Leaping Windows might be a good bet

Leaping Window

Leaping windows is a warm, gorgeous place with mismatched furniture, cushions, random painting. Only thing holding them together is comics, like tintin painting on the wall, Calvin and Hobbes cushions and illustrated menu. One could spend hours just looking around specially if you are fascinated by comics or if they have been an integral part of your growing up. There is a reading and lending room on the ground floor, like a comic library and that’s the first thing that welcomes you when you walk in, and as you continue walking up you enter the bright yellow interiors of a cafe which is part open on the terrace.

We started our order with drinks, my friend ordered an Iced Tea and it was well like an iced tea 😉 I was a little more adventurous and ordered Iced Masala Chai, I saw it on the menu and was totally intrigued by it. Somehow I have never drank an iced masala tea before, neither heard of it actually, kind that the server was he actually warned me saying a lot of people don’t like this drink madam. I told him it’s ok I will still like to try, and I am glad I did because it was strange yes but it was good strange.



For  the entrée, I ordered prawns in garlic and rosemary sauce which was on the blackboard dish of the day. Have I told you guys how much I love the blackboard menus. They motivate me to keep going back to the place, to check on what is the surprise factor that the place has in store for me. Well coming back to the prawns, I had very well-ordered them knowing that I might not be able to finish them as my codiner was a vegetarian, I was telling myself in the mind, if they are left I can parcel for Ojas he loves prawns but in my heart I knew who was I kidding, if the prawns were anywhere close to good. They would be finished, wiped off and they were.



And as I told you my codiner was a veggie, we also ordered “Zucchini and Feta Balls”, deep fried evil goodness of zucchini with a touch of feta. In my opinion it could do with a tad more feta cheese but on the whole they were pretty good. Considering it wasn’t paneer and something else on offer for vegetarians I think was the first achievement unlocked for me.



The other thing I was happy about was that no one hurried us, we finished our entree and sat therefor a while, the server came and asked us for the mains order and we told him we need sometime and he happily left us alone till we called him again. A very important thing when one wants to discuss work in between food or wants to chat up generally. For the mains, my friend ordered a “Summer Vegetable Cake”, a kind of cutlet made of zucchini, carrots, bell peppers and ricotta cheese and served with saffron sauce. The texture in the cake were perfect though it was a bit over salted for both of our tastes and we really couldn’t finish it since with each bite the saltiness would increase, I feel it was the multiple cheeses together and a little miscalculation done, unfortunate because the rest of the dish was stellar specially the saffron sauce



For my mains, I ordered “Herb Crusted Mahi” which is a mahi fish fillet, pan fried and served with potato mash and carrot compote and it was brilliant, again a bit heavy on salt but not tooo much like the veg, may be it’s a good idea to ask the chef to go easy on salt if you prefer it that way. There was a bit of the pasta too with the dish which I personally didn’t care about much but then I was stuffed at that point and was focusing on my protien – the fish 🙂



Both of us skipped the dessert that day since we were stuffed, problems of having one veg and one non veg dining together I guess, you end up ordering more than required but then can’t be helped

Overall, a lovely place where Comics, fun decor & food meet. Am I going there again? Most certainly yes with family. Till then I will leave you with this gorgeous menu


080 30412940
Table Reservation: Recommended
 509, 3rd Cross, 9th Main, 2nd Stage, HAL, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Meal for two : Rs 1000/-



4 comments on “Leaping Windows Cafe : Where Comics, fun decor & food meet

  1. craftyshines
    January 15, 2014

    I would go crazy at a place like this. Loved the menu too.
    I might get kleptomaniacal here though!

  2. promitabhowmick
    January 16, 2014

    Nice review Monika and I am craving to go n chk the place. Peraps this weekend only. Thanks a lot for introducing us to Leaping Windows.

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