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Om Made Cafe Kormangala

Delish Bday

Imagine walking into something as gorgeous as above in the middle of mad Kormangala, spacious well lit, infact open part open air, pretty tastefully done. On a chilly bangalore evening, it’s a delight as it is on a wintery sunny afternoon. Another thing that holds in favour of Om Cafe is that they have wine and needless to stay we started with some. Good rosette, Zinfandel Rose those who want to know

Delish Bday1

We started the lunch with a bruschetta, sun dried tomatoes, basil, mozeralla and good bread as a base. The bruschetta was much loved by all but then it really doesn’t take much to get a bruschetta right but still I have seen people messing it up sadly. This one was top notch


We also ordered Hummus platter, now I am very critical about my hummus (news news *giggle*), this one wasn’t the best I have had but certainly was good, the star of the dish for me was the salad. Crisp leaves and minimal but flavourful dressing. Would have preferred pita with it instead of toast but that wasn’t a surprise, it was mentioned in the menu


Another thing we ordered before we moved on the main course was Quiche, the quiche was good, well balanced flavour and generally liked but I missed the burrata mozzarella that they had mentioned in the menu, it had but would have liked more


For the mains I ordered “Market Fish Pave” and I gave them an extra 100 points becuase they are serving a fish other than bloody basa, yes I am basa snob. I know a lot of people like it, A lot of people don’t get my anger on it but my biggest crib with the fish is not that its tasteless (that it is anyways) my biggest crib is it’s replacing all good fishes at a alarming rate in restaurants. I even ate “Malabar Fish Curry” with basa in it sometime ago, anyways I digress yet again. So the market fish pave – spectacular is the word for it. I loved every bit of it and in every visit have made sure someone orders it 🙂 Fish done perfectly, the sauce full of flavour. This dish is a winner (they have three variants, I liked the pepper one the best)


We also ordered a raw mango salad with prawns, though the flavours were fabulous, the salad had cut raw mango instead of shredded and though the texture felt great when you started eating it with each bite you feel that the crunch of biting into a piece of raw mango is becoming too much. The crunch is nice but may be when you are sharing the salad and not really having the full one for yourself


Moving on to the least favorite dish that we ordered, the fish pick. For some strange reason, this dish didn’t sit home with everyone and twice. I really can’t pin point to why but this has never been a favorite dish and we have ordered it twice


The vegetarian friend with us  ordered a wrap and seemed to be pretty satisfied with what she got, filling and tasty. A little mess to eat but then that’s with most wraps


A special mention needs to be made for the salad I had during one of my previous visits, exceptional it was. Though the picture isn’t great, I couldn’t have ended the post without mentioning this one. Gialli is what the salad is called with rocket, blue cheese, sun dried tomatoes (I am sucker for sun dried tomatoes), green tomato chutney and caramelized walnuts. This one is a winner


We ended the meal with a caramel custard and it was a good one. I also had a chocolate cake on another day but the lesser we talk about it the better. Caramel Custard is a different thing. This was good


I have already been to Om Cafe multiple times, with some girlfriends for a dinner, then with the man on a dinner date and finally (when I took pictures) with some girlfriends for lunch. It was a delight every time I went, couple of misses here and there but on the whole good food, great ambience and there is wine what more do you need 🙂 so go what are you waiting for go now

Om Made Cafe

136, Above Gold’s Gym, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Meal for two – Rs 1000/- or around

Parking – its kormangala, the streets

3 comments on “Om Made Cafe Kormangala

  1. Aathira
    December 19, 2013

    Have heard quite a bit of about this place. Must visit next weekend.

  2. Phalgun
    December 19, 2013

    Hi Monika! Enjoyed reading your blog. Great pictures! We have started Valet parking. Thanks for writing about us after visiting a couple of times. See you at the cafe!

  3. craftyshines
    December 21, 2013

    The pictures are a big tease! I love a good salad too. The seating looks delightfully rustic. How we love going back to wooden chairs and all 🙂

    Although toast with hummus rings odd to my head.

    Ah, caramel custard!

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