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Onam Sadya : A back breaking task


so this Onam something got into me and I decided to take on the huge task of making a complete Onam Sadya, I asked a couple of people for recipes and ideas. I find the idea of serving a complete meal on banana meal so nice a magical. Having grown up in Delhi I never experienced this till I moved to Bangalore and ever since I saw it I have been strangely attracted to it. I keep thinking of making one such meal and keep pushing and then suddenly this onam I thought this is it, I am making it.

It was a back breaking task to say the least, I took a full 4 hours of cooking and some more of the most tedious process in kerala cooking making coconut milk, I say take the shortcut and use Dabur Homemade if you wish but I also feel that the fresh homemade coconut milk adds a great flavor to it. I made Sambhar, Rasam, Parippu, Olan, Errisery, Avial, Cabbage Thoran, Inji Puli, Pineapple Pachadi, Cucumber Khichadi, Dal Pyasam and ofcourse the apalam and banana chips and when I posted the picture online a lot of people asked me for recipes. This post is primarily to document what recipes I used and kind of document my onam sadya

So it’s gonna be a more or less pictorial post with some links.

OnamThe Mooli sambhar and pepper rasam, for this I used my standard recipes and used a trick to make the sambhar thick like Kerala style sambhar which a friend had once taught me. After the sambhar is almost ready, slit a bhindi in two add to the sambhar and cook for one whistle, the bhindi will add the viscosity and thickness to the sambhar that you need


Parippu, it’s basically moong dal which was a surprise in the first place because I didn’t know that moong dal is indeed used down south specially in Kerala and then surprising was the way to cook the dal was so different from I have used. We first roast the dal and then cook and then add coconut paste in it and boil it some more, quite delightful. I used Nags recipe for this, most of the recipes I used are from either Nags or Aparna.


I have had thoran before and I usually I don’t make too much of it but I don’t know whether it was the result of my effort or the fact that recipe was great, I loved Cabbage Thoran that day. I used Nags recipe to make the same

DSC_0035The dish of the day for me and many others who eat the sadya that day was the pineapple pachadi, what a delicate balance of flavours in this one. I loved it and I am itching to make it again. Used this recipe to make the pineapple pachadi only used vegetable oil instead of pineapple, purists will say it’s a sacrilege but then something’s one gotta adapt


Cucumber Pachadi, essentially a ratia with tadka but what shocked me was there was coconut in it too 😛 I think I used as much coconut that in one day as I have done in my entire life. Used Aparna’s recipe here 


Frankly my least favorite dish of the day but then I am not a pumpkin fan but the mother in law seemed to love this. Again used Aparna’s recipe for this


another dish that surprised me, both in the use of Cow peas which again I didn’t know is used down south and the second thing that surprised me was the simplicity of the recipe and yet how delicious it was. Recipe here

DSC_0050And how could be miss the king of Kerala cuisine, the Avial 🙂 and this is the recipe I used and I loved what I eat inspite of not being a avial fan.

I also made Puli Inji which was so spicy yet I could licked it clean, we eat it two days with every meal and finished it. Delightful specially if you are a ginger fan like me. unfortunately don’t have a picture for this though. Here is the recipe 

And the other dish I don’t have a picture for, I actually want to hit myself for it is the dal pyasam but it was delicious nonetheless ,  a bit thin for Kerala style pyasam I would say but tasty still. Recipe I used here

I had called some friends over and we had a good time dressing up and having Onam Sadya, making a pookalam.


We have such a huge and rich culture in India and I think nothing introduces your kids better to it than celebrating the various festivals at home. Every year I pick up something that we don’t celebrate and go through the complete motion for ojas to understand what it means, this year was Onam

Onam1And when it comes to celebrating festivals, I feel they aren’t complete without friends and family. So thank you everyone who came that day to eat my first attempt at Onam Sadya and the love it spread. Thanks to Swati and pallo my mad friends to come and dress up my house as well as my life and also us 😉 as u can see we all wore sarees and got dressed up that day

Onam2Recipe Recap

puli inji
cucumber khichadi
cabbage thoran
dal pyasam
Pineapple pachadi

8 comments on “Onam Sadya : A back breaking task

  1. pinksocks
    September 30, 2013

    Awwwww such a loving post Mon. The hard work did pay off. 🙂

  2. Bharti
    September 30, 2013

    Wow fantastic Monika…you are great!
    I bow to your efforts and dedication to cooking…!!
    Hats off!
    Everything looks so perfect.

  3. Crafty Shines
    September 30, 2013

    Monu, this is unbelievably gorgeous-looking! I am the last person to appreciate an ‘onaa sadya’… guess I’ve been over-exposed to it and somewhere got fed up… but this really looks very very tempting. 4 hours… I know. So every Onam-eve the only help I could extend to mom is grate half a dozen coconuts on the ‘scooter like grater’ 😀

    Everything looks lovely, I think I’ll show this to my amma!

    • Ashwathy
      September 30, 2013

      You actually got a comment from Crafty for this!! Can’t think of a bigger compliment than this 😀

  4. Malini
    October 4, 2013

    Great work, Monika! Being a mallu, I know how difficult it is to put together a sadya!
    Here’s something you could keep in mind when you serve a sadya the next time – the banana leaf has to be placed such that the broader side of the leaf is on the right side. 🙂

  5. Rajani
    October 4, 2013

    Wow! This is so great! Your Sadya looks great and you have really captured everything so well 🙂

    Hats off to your efforts Monika! Very very impressive 🙂

  6. jayshreebhagat
    August 28, 2014

    awesome recipe……have made the task really easier!

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