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Purnabramha – Home Style Marathi Food in Bangalore

It’s no news to the reader of this blog that I love vada pav, so sometime ago when I heard that Purnabramha – Home Style Marathi Food joint has opened in Bangalore, I wanted to try it out ASAP in spite of it being a pure vegetarian place. But as luck would have had it I feel sick the week I wanted to try it, cold, cough, fever and the usual viral symptoms and was home bound for a week. I was acting like a sulk pot on the 6th day when a dear friend suggested she will come meet me there for lunch and I jumped at the opportunity.


They basically have two kind of thalis for lunch. One with snacks and unlimited and the other limited and without snack. We went for the bigger one (surprise) and since we were greedy we also ordered one thalipeeth between us . I loved the thali, so unpretentious simple and yummy food. The sabji was lauki cooked in a lots of channa dal and a bit of sugar may be. I am usually not a fan of sugar in mains but this was pretty spicy and the sugar balanced the spice, the kadhi was nice too but somehow I love punjabi style kadhi and for me no other kadhi matches up. What I loved the most about the thali however was the dal. Absolutely simple and topped with hing walla ghee, this is something that doesn’t come along by default with the dal. She mentioned that some people don’t enjoy the strong hing and hence she gives people an option. I am a person who always likes to try things the way they are supposed to be had and hence instantly said yes to it and I am glad I did because I think hing did add a punch to it that I loved.

The thalipeeth we ordered was also good though a bit heavy for me and a bit too thick. I have had thiner ones at a friends house.

DSC_0432What I also loved about the meal was the attention the owner was paying to everyone. She was clear she wanted this to be an experience. Wanted people to understand Marathi food which most people don’t know much about. And she told us that when a traditional marathi meal is had, you make rangolis around the thali and since she can’t do that for every customer she has got some ready made rangolis from an NGO and puts it around the thalis. A small thought but sometimes makes a lot of difference

DSC_0439Final words – Go for a homely and simple vegetarian Marathi lunch

Purnabramha Maharashtrian Restaurant

130, 17th Main, KHB Colony, Koramangala, Bangalore

Meal for two – Rs 500/-

Parking – Streets


4 comments on “Purnabramha – Home Style Marathi Food in Bangalore

  1. sandhya
    August 12, 2013

    Or at a marathi friend’s house! 🙂 Loved this post, and the thali pictured here does seem like a regular marathi meal. Do they have a festive thali option?

    • Jayanti
      August 29, 2013

      hey thanks Sandhya for the reply , thansk Monicka for giving such gr8 reviews about PB. coming back to sandhya : we have 6-different thali on 6 different days in the name of God like as per the festival : we have Mahalaxmi thali, Gajananr maaharaj thali, Dattguru thalis, Swami samartha thalis and many more, similarly we haev different snack availabe on each day.. Sabudana khichadi, sabudana Vada, Thalipith, puranpoli si available throught the week. othar that this. we have seperate Fasting thalis for each Sankashti , ekadashi, chaturthi’s enjoy full meals and week end big thalis with us Misal pav, vadapav,kothimbirvadi, dal ka dhulas are some of the snaks . we take orders for modak for ganesh chathurthi. please like us on our page and u will get update on u r wall

  2. vishalbheeroo
    August 31, 2013

    Love ur blog. Marathi thaali is one of moi fav and find it very healthy. Santulan blogged bout ur achievements and you are truly an inspiration:)

  3. kalyan
    September 21, 2013

    great to read about the restaurant. the sheer variety of food available in bangalore is quite impressive. hope the owner keeps up her involvement. that makes such a difference

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