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Arusuvai Madhuram : Delightful TamBram Food

With Weekend approaching, I am gonna suggest one of my favorite places in bangalore to have a sunday lunch these days, a VEG sunday lunch, yes you don’t need to pinch yourself. I like my vegetarian food too if it is made well

I had heard about Madhuram first a little over a month ago and the Tamilian food fan that I am, we visited it for dinner the same night.  Its a newly opened place in HSR layout and is run by the people behind the famous famous Chennai catering service called Sri Madhuram, with this in mind and a very hungry soul we drove to HSR (I love the chennai style sambhar and hate the orange sambhar you get here is no fresh news to the regular readers and hence the excitement)

We started with ordering Paniyaram, the spiced fried idlis for the lack of a better description. I really am a fan of these in general and the ones we ordered were quite nice too, thought a tad too spicy for the child, me and N enjoyed them a lot


For the child we ordered a plain dosa and it was perfect, just as a dosa should be. crisp hot and yummy and the sambhar, aah the sambhar one of the best sambhars I have eaten in bangalore.


Interestingly looking at this picture reminds me of a discussion I had on a facebook group a couple of days ago, there was a person who came and asked “Can someone tell me where do you get large authentic dosa’s like you get in North” though that person got royally f&^^d laughed at, I so understood what he was saying. I remember growing through the same when I shifted to bangalore. We in the North are used to of chennai dosa’s you see and this is the kind of dosa probably the poor man had in mind when he asked for it

We also ordered vaththa kuzhambu and plain rice and I can safely say I was instantly transported to heaven after eating it, brilliant brilliant just brilliant


We finished the meal with a pumpkin halwa, though it was a tad toooo sweet for me N said he loved it and this is how it should be.


We were so happy at the end of the meal yet there was this craving of something more, we couldn’t put a finger on why that strange feeling and it suddenly dawned on us a while later, we both desperately wanted to eat the complete tam style sadya and that they have only for lunch, needless to say we went back for lunch the following weekend


Meal on leaf, doesn’t it look so so so good? They started with serving us some sweets and papad, chillies and baby corn fry in a separate plate and frankly that is my own negative point from that day. I would have loved to see that on my plate too…


The chakra pongal (which was to die for) and the raita and another sweet which was something like phenny we get in the north, thin very very thin – almost pre cooked seviyan on which hot milk is poured and left to stand and it cooks with that heat. I didn’t know that it was eaten in the south too but apparently it is


Another thing which was a star for me that day was the lemon bhat, absolutely brilliant flavour


And the sambhar, I could have literally finished the whole meal with sambhar rice and nothing else, yes it was that good


We came how very very satisfied that day and I strongly reco this to all tam food lovers 😀

Address – 1st Floor, Fooddays Complex, 5th Main, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bangalore
Meal for two – Rs 400/- (the sadya for lunch is Rs 175/- per head)
Rest Rooms – Clean
Service – friendly and prompt however nothing fancy



4 comments on “Arusuvai Madhuram : Delightful TamBram Food

  1. artsycraftsymom
    March 29, 2013

    Lets go again… 🙂

  2. Wanderer
    April 2, 2013

    I’ve been here a few times and liked it a lot. The Rava masala dosa here is to die for. Ask masala separately else dosa gets soggy. Though I’m not a huge fan of tam food, I need to try sadyam sometime just because of the hotel. Its closeby and I dont cook most of the time, so I’m happy 🙂

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