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The Streets of Old Delhi : A Veg food guide to Chandni Chowk Part 2

So we read about bedmi poori, bread pakora, imarti, natraj ke dahi bhalle in the Part 1 of my chandni chowk post. Today we move on to some more yumminess, some more droolworthy specialties of Chandi Chowk. After having the dahi bhalla and missing the aloo tikki which I know is outstanding at Natraj, I spotted Daulat Ki Chat right outside, now this is one thing I adore and one thing that is like such a mystery to me everytime I eat it. One its called chat but is actually sweet and two the texture is something you don’t expect at all when you think of India diary sweets


Its so light that it hits you like a surprise almost ethreal, like a wisp of dew in your mouth. Its delicately sweetened not really sugar high like the usual sweets and desserts you get in India and specially in the north.  From what I know the process of making is also very very interesting, you spread well beaten and frothy milk in a thaali on a moonlit night and keep it out in the open for the whole night so that the dew seeps into it. Next morning there’s dew on it and it is set somewhat, the already frothy milk is then churned and the light butter is used for the dish. It’s then decorated with saffron & silver and before a dollop is served a little bit nuts and powdered sugar are sprinkled on it.


Its made only during winters and I think is found in Allahabad area too where they call is Makhan Malai


and served in plate, heaven really and a treasure worth just Rs 20, can u believe it?


And this was the guy selling them, totally amused by us, the cameras and the fact that we asked for a second helping 😉


If you are in Delhi during winter, I strongly reco making a trip to Chandni Chowk (as thats the only place where you get this) and tasting this wonder.

I do have more to share in the Chandni Chowk series but somehow I feel the dalaut ki chat deserves a post on its own 😉 My chandni chowk walk also featured in Bangalore Mirror last week… You can read the article here and below is the snapshot of it

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.10.06 AM

4 comments on “The Streets of Old Delhi : A Veg food guide to Chandni Chowk Part 2

  1. Ashwathy
    January 20, 2013

    OMG!!!!!!!!! *drooooooooool* That treasure for 20 rupees?? Buy me 500 rupees worth. So that I can roll over and die!!! 😀 😀

  2. Aparna
    January 20, 2013

    The daulat ki chaat is pure bliss. I like that its so unusual and not too sweet and cloying. The last time, we had it to top off the Natraj tikkis and hit the stomach with a khurchan immediately thereafter – heaven :))

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