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Drumrolls For the Winners Please

First up thank you folks for participating in the Sin-A-Mon Valentine contest, I got 43 entries in less than 24 hours and each one of the entries was brilliant… had a character to it, some were utterly romantic, some really whacky and some even naughty…

Me and my partner sat down yesterday night and went through them, and what a time we had imaging the whacky cupcake flavours ranging from aalo parantha with pickle to sambhar powder flavoured with spicy potato mash frosting to ring as cup cake toppers (awww) to lime and mint (I personally like this one)… there many amusing flavours that came to me in mail and folks I am going to actually try making some of them, yes yes I am that whacky 😉

And after sitting on the responses for over an hour we decided to announce 4 winners instead of 3, as between these three folks we just couldn’t drop one 🙂

So drumrolls please folks… here are the names of the winners (in no particular order)

1. Rani

2. Jismy Jose

3. Nazeen Koonda-Masood

4. Sindhu Rao

And here is what they had to say

Jismy Jose

Whats the first thing that attracted you towards your partner?
The first thing that attracted me to him was his hair. He looks like a total schoolboy and would never ever be called a 30 year old. Also cause he is such a goof ball, but in the nice warm funny way =)
What according to you is the wackiest occasion to gift cupcakes?
The wackiest occasion to give a cupcake would be at a baby shower. Have a big cake and make replicas of the big cake into small cupcakes. It goes with the theme of the baby shower =)
What according to you is the most romantic thing to do with a cupcake?
The most romantic thing would be is to ask a girl out with cupcakes. Write an alphabet onto each cupcake, asking her out and you could also make the ring as a topper on the last cupcake

Nazeen Koonda-Masood

Whats the first thing that attracted you towards your partner? (go on don’t hesitate, I love to listen to funny things too ) – His extra messy hair and the fact that he was always late
What according to you is the wackiest occasion to gift cupcakes?- Its min happiness after you’ve dumped that Awful friend
What according to you is the most romantic thing to do with a cupcake? or if you are the kind who likes to be wacky whats is the wackiest flavour of cupcakes you can imagine?- I want a Alo paratha flavoured cupcake with a achar filling and mash potato icing!! the most romantic thing to do with a cupcake is to eat it!



. Done! :)
2. Was swept off my feet by his sexy butt that looked edible ( I swear!!) in the black trousers he wore! :)
3. whacky would be when a woman (could be me :) ) doesn’t get her ‘cup’ size and is frustrated (must be me!)
4. The whackiest flavor I can think of is this: say sambhar flavored cup cake for a south indian friend or a raajma stuffed/or dressing cupcake for a northie pal. Or vice-versa would be bad either! Imagine!! :) :)

Sindhu Rao (response by email)

Hiya Monika..Huge fan of ur page..wantin to taste those cute cup-cakes fr a long time now 🙂 So here goes the answers

1. He was this really chubby,cute looking,black hair turned brown over days :D  ..I can really use the word Looking like a "Cup-cake",just waitin to get my hands on him 😛 * U promised u wudnt laugh* !

2. personally if it wer upto me..I’d make cupcakes frm B’days to everythin ! Wackiest fr me would be whenever and whenever I screw up and get someone mad at me..Just give them cupcakes and leave them at it :d

3. the ideal romantic thing fr me would be a room filled with all kinda flavours of cupcake the possible flavour ever and to keep ’em comin all day long 🙂

So the winners please mail me your phone nos/email ids at I hope you enjoy the goodies

6 comments on “Drumrolls For the Winners Please

  1. Sarah
    February 16, 2012

    oh no .. i didn’t get those delicious cupcakes (sob! Now I’ll have to make some to get over my sorrow) But congratulations to the winners! u gals are so lucky and ur answers were super-awesome 🙂

  2. Aathira
    February 16, 2012


    *sob * sob

  3. Abhishek
    February 16, 2012

    congrats winners… Rani really wrote her heart out…

  4. Shruti
    February 16, 2012

    ohhhhhhhhhhh i totally missed this contest!!! 😦

  5. The Girl Next Door
    February 17, 2012

    Congratulations to the winners!! 🙂


  6. Rani
    February 18, 2012

    I WON????? I saw only now! Yeee!! thank you Monika!! 🙂
    Yet to tell the husband I participated in this, now I get to tell him I won!! 🙂

    Sending you my details right away! 🙂

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