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Asia In the box

Last week sometime I was in a bad bad mood one evening… suddenly everything seemed bad and I felt like doing nothing… So N came back home and told lets order some food, have a drink, listen to some music and you will feel good. The suggestion seemed good so we decided to order in from Asian in the box whose menu we were having from past month or so from our Thulp visit (yeah its a Thulp venture)

The first look at their site and their menu – both online and the printed one gives a very smart feel to it and their tag line is gourmet to go and that sounds very impressive too. We ordered Stir Fry Prawns with spicy sambal Olek and Greens beans, A chicken basil fried rice and veg stir fried noodles with soya sauce and fried garlic. The person taking the order was friendly and seemed to know food a little bit. We were told that food will take an hour to get delivered which is a lot of time but we were glad that they told it before hand rather than delaying the order plus we were in no hurry we had our drink to finish, music to listen you see

A little less than an hour later the bell rang and when we opened the door we were a little surprised. There was a very courteous person standing with the food boxes in a tray and the bill in the folder. It was indeed a pleasant a small thing sure but in customer service small things make a great difference I think.

I was also very happy with the packaging of the food, smart, convenient and handy


The food was nice too, rice had a brilliant fresh flavour because of basil, the prawns fresh spicy to the extent that I would liked… my only crib was that noodles were a little sweet may be because of soya but all in all it was a meal we enjoyed. The food they have is not the run of the mill chinese and you won’t find any machurian/veg balls on the menu instead you will find some very innovative and authentic asian dishes on it. they have some thing called Singapore rice meal which is a meal for 4 and needs to be ordered 4 hours in advance.


In the end I would say a must try if you are in their delivery zone i.e. Kormanagala, HSR and outer ring road and Frazer Town and surrounding areas

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4 comments on “Asia In the box

  1. Srivalli
    January 22, 2011

    Quite interesting ..packing sure looks attractive..

  2. Pixie
    January 22, 2011

    I need to check with them if they deliver to my area too!

  3. binpin
    January 25, 2011

    Yummy..was drooling:D

  4. Aathira
    February 21, 2011

    Yummy… the prawns and fried rice look amazing 🙂

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