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Cafe Thulp Revisted

So one benefit of moving to Kormangala is certainly the number of eating joints at ones disposal… According to the recent report there are a 114 eating joints in Kormangala alone… Can u beat that? And in that if you heart asks u to repeat one it must mean something… And that’s what has been happening with Cafe Thulp… I posted how I felt when last time we went to Cafe Thulp not so long ago… and last week I hadn’t cooked in a weekday and in the evening after putting my son to sleep we thought of catching up a quick bite somewhere and N suggested we go to Cafe Thulp again… normally I don’t like to repeat places atleast so soon but I surprised myself by agreeing to it and off we went walking and thats the other thing about Kormanagala. One can burn atleast some calories we eat by walking up and down Winking smile

So we when there and it was full… we had to wait for about 10 minutes but it didn’t seem too much and when we seated the first thing I noticed was how much I love their placemats… I had noticed them last time too but for some reason I hadn’t clicked any pictures last time I went there


And than we got down to ordering, N was in a mood of some veggie stuff and I wanted to eats some eggs… I saw that the daily special had a omelette with sun dried tomatoes, olives and bacon and I knew that is what I wanted to eat Smile


and I am glad I did because I think this was one of the best omelettes I have eaten in a long long time, fluffy and cooked to perfection… just right… not too brown but not raw inside… It was served with 4 slices of garlic bread (though I must admit their garlic bread can do with some help), herbed potatoes and roasted tomatoes (which are again my favourite). The sun dried tomatoes added a very nice twist to the omelette and I am going to try that next time I make one at home.

N ordered a vegetable fried rice with some stir fry veggies along with it and though it was pretty regular fare I think it was yummy too… the stir fry veggies had a very nice flavour to them which I still can’t put my hands on what exactly it was but was very pleasant.


There were many yummy looking desserts too which I resisted and I am proud of that but I have been told there chocolate mud pie in a tart is to die for Smile When we left the place we were very satisfied with the meal and N even mentioned that lets keep coming back here till we totally sample everything on the menu Winking smile dont worry I will not review it on the blog everytime I go there or may be I will Open-mouthed smile

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4 comments on “Cafe Thulp Revisted

  1. Anonymously Disguised
    January 8, 2011

    Sun Dried tomato is one of the fave things you can always find in my fridge. It sure peps up any dish 🙂

    Ps: am so so jealous of you guys going out to dinner after putting Oju to sleep 😥

    • monikamanchanda
      January 11, 2011

      yeah I also always keep it stocked but somehow never thought of using it in omelette’s

      PS: he he he 😛

  2. Srivalli
    January 8, 2011

    Looks great Mons..heheh..I can imagine that..:)..

    btw you missed out labeling the last two posts as Blogging marathon..heheh

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