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Delicious Tag

D sent my way a deliciously different tag… and here is my take on it…

But first the rules

Five memorable meals ever eaten: It could be anything that makes the meal memorable – the food, the place, the place you were in your life when you ate, the company, the weather, the ambiance – heck, the guy who served the food!”.

Considering the fact that food is a major part of my life both eating and cooking it was a delightful tag to do, the only difficulty was to choose which ones come here… but here is my attempt

Maa ke haath ka khaana: Like I mentioned in my previous post nothing beats maa ke haath ka khaana… specially when u are coming home… ever since I have moved to Bangalore about 8 years back (yes I know I wrongly mentioned 6 yrs in my last post, thanks Puneet for correcting that)… every time I come back home I am maha excited about the food that mom is going to make for me when I reach home… in my mind there is always a list of things ready that I want mom to cook and me hog them but most of all which I remember is that kadhi chawal that has almost become like a tradition for me… everytime I come home from the airport mom has steaming hot and spicy kadhi chawal ready for me and as soon as I enter home I start eating that 🙂 aaah its bliss…. kadhi chawal are always the best then

Badi mummy and samosa-jalebi: and if anything can ever imagine to beat ma ke haath ka khaana its the one made by maa ki maa… naani or badi mummy as I used to call her… the aloo parathans she used to make… thin but full with stuffing, the keralas yumm… stuffed keralas… never eaten the way she used to cook them, even the simple dal tadka she used to make used to be heavenly… but if one has to ask the most loved food memory with badi mummy strangely its not associated with her cooked food… its of samosas and jalebis bought from the nearby shop… when I was very small we used to live very close to our nani’s house and I virtually used to live there, including us sisters and my uncle’s children we were about 5 kids and every evening badi mummy used to give us rs 2 to eat something and that used to be bliss… in summers they were often spent eating the thappa walla kulfi… do u guys remember it… and how crazy we used to be on how many kulfis we get and in the other times it always used to be samosas and jalebis… gosh I am addicted to those still… if I see a samosa my mind starts plottting how to get a jalebi 😀

Way to a man eerrr a woman’s heart is through food: now N always helps me in the kitchen… always but he is no great cook, his cooking is limited to making eggs, maggi and tea :D… and every sunday breakfast well almost his dedicated to eggs made by him but its one meal made by him which blew me away… It was the first time after marriage that I had gone to delhi alone  for a week or so and it was also the first time after marriage we were away for so long 😉 I was supposed to come back by a flight which was landing at 8:30 pm and the low cost airlines had just started so there was no food served on the flight… before boarding the flight I was chatting with him saying ok though I dont feel like eating out we will step and eat somewhere near by and he told me ok what we’ll do is that we’ll dump the luggage home and then go eat… I sulked a little thinking… gosh who will feel like coming out again once I reach home but didnt want to fight 😉 but when I reached home I was in for such a pleasant surprise… allo gobhi and dal tadka and chapathi’s too… ofcourse the kitchen was dirty like hell but food amazing….

Its all about food : About 3 years back we had gone to a Himalaya trip with a group of friends… friends that are a great group… the trip was fantastic and was full of food apart from the scenic beauty 😀 the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about that trip is food and tea 😀 but there are two particular meals probably I can never forget…. the first was the simplest of all meals we had at a small dhabha just when we started climbing after rishikesh… the most yummiest food I have had… dal tadka, karela fry and aalo jeera…. simple fresh and yummy… we all eat like pigs and the bill at a small roadside dhabha came to be some Rs 6000 🙂 and then we went to Auli… because it was not skiing season it was practically empty and there was just a small tent where the guy was selling maggi, omelletes and tea…. what a meal was that… nanda devi as a view, oak trees all around… as much place as u want to run, bright and nice sunny day and great group of friends and yes maggi and omellete too 😀

Jab beta khilaye tou dil bhar aaye: last but not the least and the most recent…. a couple of days back we had come back late from one of our usual delhi shopping trips 😉 yes loads of it is happening and both me and mom were very tired so we decided to just order from outside…. we got some idli dosa’s and after I finished feeding Ojas I was so tired that I sat down on the floor and told him baby mumma very tired and what he did post that just brought tears to my eyes… he went to the table… picked up a idly kept in my plate… took the spoon from my hand and started feeding me… 🙂 cut a piece of idly, dip it in sambhar and put it in my mouth and then take some more sambhar and put it in my mouth… just as I was feeding him…God bless u my darling

And then there are the numerous memories of chats at UPSC where we used to get down from the direct bus for the chat, mid might maggies and chiwda with my bestest friend S, the bhutta and the boiled spicy challi…. the endless chai and pakoras at the tapri outside the college… the gol gappa eating competitions….  the yummy yummy melting in mouth murgan idlies of chennai that I was crave for… hot chocolate fudge from nirulas (and yes nirulas makes it the best and not corner house 🙂 )….the late night food in the RTO dhabha after the pub…. the mid night coffee at Taj…. life is all about food and its memories… so come tell me urs 😉

Everyone who comes here should take the tag but there are some people I want to specifically hear the stories from… so here goes

Hitchy : because if a foodie wont have food tales who will, besides I love hearing about gujarti thalis and drooling

Solio : because we share the love for eggs and cocktails 😀

IHM : with two grown up kids I am sure she will have enough tales

Munchkin Mom’s : the person who bakes so well will surely have some tales to tell… (I know u are busy dear take ur time)

Swaram : think about food and go revive your food blog girl

Tara : the food pics she puts up are drool worthy now come tell us the story behind them

23 comments on “Delicious Tag

  1. D
    October 31, 2009

    Delicious indeed!

  2. hitchwriter
    October 31, 2009

    People go on a vacation and then decide to post at 1.44 am !!!! phew…

    and I knew from the title in the reader that this is one post I should avoid… but glad I didnt !!!!!

    and I am officially tagged !!!!!! oh I love it… I sooo wanna do this tag… !!! today it will be… !!!!!

    I agree if there is anything better than Maa ka Khana than its Nani & Daadi ka khana !!!! most certainly !!!!! I have stories too but I will post in my blog… !!!! 😉

    Jalebi Samosa !!!!! lol… almost like the Indori nashta… Samosa and Pauha… here they have the brown jalebi every morning with Pauha… the jalebi is to be put in the pauha and eaten with the pauha sticking to it… dont ask me how they eat it…but if in indore… do it like the indori’s !!!!!!! 😛 😛

    Hubby cooking aloo gobhi, daal tadka.. aha !!!!! now thats one lucky girl !!!!! 🙂

    And the fun of eating in the Himalayas is unparalled.. how even simpler food seems so much more tasty over there… !!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 I guess we trek and walk a lot there and just are so much more hungry that it tastes even more yum !!!

    I really think 5 is too less.. I have way too many and I dont like injustice with food… I gotta twiest this one a lil… !!!!!!!!

  3. Pixie
    October 31, 2009

    Awesome post! 😀

    how come I’m not tagged?!! huh?! 😡

  4. Tara
    October 31, 2009

    Simple and yet memorable.. i have been tagged on this one already but am yet to put the post up.. will do it soon , ok?

    btw, me too enjoying mom ke haath ka khana these days 🙂

  5. Rakesh
    October 31, 2009

    Aloo Parathas – Thin but full with stuffing – I guess, this is a dying art. Only Mummies can do this.

    And stuffed keralas ? How do you stuff an entire state and what do you stuff it with 😆

    I know, at times the simplest of dish feels like the most awesome in the world.

    Btw, are you allowed this post during a weight loss program?

  6. Reema
    October 31, 2009

    yummy tag!

  7. Munchkin's Mom
    November 1, 2009

    Thanks babes…shall get on it as soon as possible..:)

  8. Prats
    November 1, 2009

    Yummy tag… me feeling hungry after reading this 🙂

  9. Swaram
    November 1, 2009

    Utterly butterly delicious tag Mons 😛

    Wow! Makes me wanna hv chats nw 😉

    Lovely memories there Monu 🙂

    Mamma n Nani’s khana – I second that too 🙂 Nothing cn beat that!

    Oju’s gesture brought tears to my eyes too 🙂 That ws cho cho chweeeeet 🙂

    Hugs to both of u 🙂

    Thanks for the tag 🙂 Too many things lying in the drafts but no time to post them on the food blog 😛 Too many addictions u c 😉 😉 Thanks for the reminder 8)

  10. Solilo
    November 2, 2009

    Aao sunaoon ande ka funda.. me aa gayi Monix drool karne.

  11. Solilo
    November 2, 2009

    Monix, I am all envious and you know why. Here sitting in this land and that too in a small village where I don’t get any of the stuff you mentioned and you enjoying being ‘maa ki ladli’ stuffing yourself with aloo parantha, sarson ka saag, samose, jalebi and then post this tag too.

    O Cruel lady! 😥

  12. Solilo
    November 2, 2009

    Your pran-parmeshwar cooked what? Aloo gobhi, Dal tadka and chapatis too?

    More J now. Where did you find him? Where was I looking? –making sure that my pran-nath never reads this space– Ha..ha..ha..ha..

  13. Swati
    November 2, 2009

    Yummyy .. and please dont remind me of delhi ki chats ..Ojas feeding you is just so cute. How was the get together on saturday ?

  14. Meira
    November 2, 2009

    I once had poha in a tiny village in Rajasthan in a tinier shop. It was awesome. I haven’t been able to reproduce it ever! Oh, some meals just bowl you over 😀

  15. masood
    November 2, 2009

    I’m gonna take up this tag. Though I don’t write about food but am a real foodie 😀

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  17. Tara
    November 2, 2009

    Done Monu.

  18. umsreflections
    November 2, 2009

    Hey Monu !!! How hv u been ??? Long time since I came here, so I went and read all the blogs I had missed. And ALL CALL CENTRES SUCKS. Just wait till u hear my story.

    Coming to this post, such a super delicious, mouth watering post. Wish I can eat all that you’ve mentioned.

  19. Abha
    November 2, 2009

    YUMMMMY! 😀

    this tag is making me drool all over the blogosphere!! i need some awesome food NOW!!!!

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    November 27, 2009

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